Dr. Stan Guidera

Dr. Stan Guidera, Architect and program leader of the Architecture/Environmental Design Program at BGSU ( Bowling Green State University ) has received approval for the 2006 offering of "Field Experience in the United Kingdom," a short-term study abroad course for architecture majors. This 23 day program is centered in London, England. It provides students an opportunity to experience an architecturally rich environment that offers a unique juxtaposition of historically significant buildings and critically acclaimed, cutting-edge contemporary works while being immersed in the daily life of one of the worlds leading urban capitals. A key class activity is a week long work-assignment during which students experience the operations of a London architectural firm first-hand, which is structured to provide students with a unique learning opportunity while fulfilling a cooperative education course requirement. The class includes a variety of tours of important works, museums, and public spaces, as well as day-trips to Oxford, Windsor, and Greenwich.

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David Jan Cowan: 2005-2006

International presentations and workshops at sister universities or conferences:

  Jones, D. & Cowan, D. (2005). Restoring Communities in Aceh: Industrialization and "Servicisation" Synergies for Redevelopment . Presentation to the Global Business in Service Conference: Nusa Dua, Bali , Indonesia July 27-28.

Cowan, D. J. (2005). Presentation on Architectural International Studio Activity and Sustainable Community Development Technology: Bali Association of Architects. Denaspar, Bali , Indonesia . (July 29).

Cowan, D. J. (2005). Invited Juror: Architectural Critique of International Architectural Studio Designs: Gadjah Mada University Department of Architecture, Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia (August 2005 and November 2005).

Workshops held at Gadjah Mada University , Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia : Internationalizing the Undergraduate Professional Curriculum Project (Title Six Federal Department of Education Grant-Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program). IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology, Department of Education and Department of Social Work were all involved. (Nov. 10-22, 2005)

Indonesian Conference on Higher Education Partnerships with Indonesia : Future Directions (March 16, 17 2005.) Jakarta , Java Indonesia . Attended with Dr. David Jones, Director of the Center for South East Asia (IUPUI).

In support of the Tsunami disaster relief, Dr. Cowan has participated in several international meetings and conferences at the ministerial level. These were high profile meetings that involved key funding agencies and ministers from around the world:

1. High Level Coordination Conference: Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Assistance to Tsunami-Affected Countries: March 18, 2005: Manila , Philippines .

2. Maldives Development Partners' Meeting for Post- Tsunami Response: Conference: March 17, 2005: Manila , Philippines .

3. Roles of Governments in Micro-Finance Workshop: Asian Development Bank: March 17, 2005, Manila , Philippines .

Articles published in internationally circulated journals:

Cowan, D. (2005). Building Sustainable Architecture and Livelihoods in Indonesia :

An International Education International Journal of Engineering Education (in review).

Visit to foreign institutions and businesses:

Presentation and Proposal Submission to the Asian Development Bank: Manila , Philippines with Dr. David Jones: Center for South East Asia (IUPUI). (Related to Tsunami relief). March 14, 2005. See above as well. 

Study Abroad programs that your students and/or faculty participated in:

  Dr. Cowan has also served as the faculty mentor of several Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) grants for students in the Construction Technology Department:

1. Svarczkopf, M. (2005-6). "Innovative Uses of Bamboo as a Sustainable, Structural Material in Indonesia ."

2. Ogle, D. (2005-6). "Case Study: Urban Village (Kampung) High Rise Community Living in Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia ."

Recruiting efforts to attract international students to IUPUI:

  Canadian colleagues from the College of the North Atlantic in St. John's , Newfoundland traveled to IUPUI in February 2006 to discuss:

1. Bridging programs with CNT and other Engineering and Technology disciplines.

2. Master of Technology Degree for faculty and students.

3. Faculty exchanges.

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Suining Ding

She was awarded a Summer Instructional Grant this summer from Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne to develop a new course:

INTR330 Culture and Design: A cross-cultural Comparison of Architecture.

This is an interior electives course and general education course. In this course, the cross-cultural comparisons are between Western and Eastern architecture by means of digital images and video tapes. Non-traditional project and assignment will be given to students. This course will be offered in Fall 2006.

Her current research consists of building 3D models and creating hybrid
interior spaces with form transformation and space interlocking, as well
as material applications. This will help in developing typical or generic procedures and programs as design guidelines for this innovative design method.

Assistant Professor of Interior Design | Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne |2101 E.Coliseum Blvd. | Fort Wayne , IN 46805-1499 | dings@ipfw.edu
































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